Now running the latest Minecraft 1.11.2!

Thanks to Bob Kyle for FINALLY bringing us up to date on the latest version of Minecraft. He is probably the only person in the world who actually knows how our server is configured at the moment. Thank you so very much, Bob!

There may still be some plugins that we were not able to update correctly. I think ForumAA, which lets new users autovalidate to the forums, is down. If you are having trouble, please post in the forums about it. We will be trying to validate new forum users by hand, but it is hard because we are constantly deluged by spambots. The forums need to be updated too, but it is hard to do without blowing things up.

The vanilla server has been up to date for awhile, but is still not always running. Gotta debug that CRON job someday…

We’ve been out of date for so long, most of our players had wandered off. ┬áBut HesteVader has still been here the whole time, and I’ve been occasionally haunting vanilla. Special thanks to Heste for all of her hard work!

After all this time, we are still here! I wonder how many years it has been?


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