Minecraft has updated! What does this mean for SoftEggLand?

Mojang has released a new Minecraft 1.7.6, and of course all of your Minecraft clients are now complaining that SoftEggLand is still running on 1.7.2 and is not compatible. Whatever shall you do?

SoftEggLand Minecraft runs using a plugin system called “Bukkit”. This still needs to be updated to handle the latest version of Minecraft. Then, all of the plugins that we use also have to be updated. This will require some time. While we wait, the main SoftEggLand server will continue to run the previous version of Minecraft + Bukkit. This is not a problem, as your client software keeps track of earlier versions and ┬ácan be configured to run them for accessing our server.

To do this, from the “Minecraft Launcher”, select “New Profile” on the bottom left of the screen.
Where it says “Profile Name” give it a name like “1.7.5 for SoftEggLand”.
In the section marked “Version Selection” under “Use Version” select “release 1.7.5″.
Then click “Save Profile”.

On the main launcher screen, select your new profile from the “Profile:” box and press “Play”. You will now be running the old version of Minecraft and will be able to access SoftEggLand as always.

Another option is to access our “Vanilla” server at minecraft.softegg.com:11367 . This server is always kept up-to-date with the latest version of Minecraft, which is only possible because it runs no plugins or modifications of any kind.

This time, there is a problem in that we had to remove all of the player data in order to get it to run, because the latest version of Minecraft uses account numbers rather than user names for storage. In the future, that will allow you to change your user name, but for now it means that you’ve lost all the information about your player on the vanilla server, including your location, where you last slept (respawn), everything that you were carrying (inventory), and the contents of your ender chests. But the rest of the world is intact, so if you had a cache of stuff hidden somewhere, you can still get to it!
We have kept the old player data files, so if a method of converting them appears, we do have the data to recover. But for now, folks who played on Vanilla before will lose a bunch of things, and for that we apologize.

Please continue to enjoy playing on the SoftEggLand Minecraft Servers.


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