Massive DDoS attack took us down, but we have gotten around it, for now!

We have had a bunch of downtime recently, mostly due to massive DDoS attacks on the server. We have worked with an all-star squad of sysadmins and linux gurus to put measures in place to hopefully stem the tide and keep us operational.
My brother was banging on it along with fabled chiptune photographer Les Barrows of “La Vie en Photos” who was the first to lend a hand.
They helped us a great deal, but then some new issues arose and our own Chrooke picked up the torch so we could get some sleep.
We thought we had them licked, but then things were still lagging and our server owner Dave actually rolled up his sleeves and put on the latest countermeasures and found evidence of real DDoSing.

And now we are back. We’d like to say “It’s all good now”, but after the previous two times, I think we will just have to say “So far, so good!”

We are now looking into migrating our websites away from WordPress, since it seems to be a magnet for hackers and crackers of all sorts. This site shouldn’t be too hard, since only the outer pages are WordPress and there are not too many of those. Migrating the actual Rhythm Core Alpha website will be much more difficult as it has years of news postings, videos, MP3 files, etc.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who has stuck with us throughout! We are sorry for the downtime, but hope you will all continue to enjoy SoftEggLand!

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