Firewall coughed up a hairball, but we are back!

The pfSense firewall that helps keep our server safe from the ravening hoards that are constantly trying to overrun us decided to update itself and somehow lost all of its information about our configuration and took all of our websites down! Oh noes!

After much wailing, and gnashing of teeth, we were finally able to get through to the Lord and Master of all physical serverdom and internet connections, one known only as… Dave.
Dearest Dave wove his magical incarnations, waved a chicken leg over it, retyped 50+ NAT rules, restarted NFSD (which I always get confused with NSFW… completely different) and beat the thing with a stick until it behaved.

Somewhere in there, I had to drag myself from slumber and crawl upstairs in my slippers to go and look up what our actual IP addresses were, since they had all gotten lost when the box went poof. Once we were back up, I had to restart McMyAdmin and the vanilla server. I accidentally restarted the old 1.7.2 server first… whoops! I don’t even know how this stuff is set up anymore, since Chrooke and Bob Kyle pretty much take care of it all now. (And I thank them for that so very muchly, and you all should too!)

Anyway, I now think I can proclaim with all honesty that we are actually running correctly. We weren’t down for quite an entire day, but we were getting there.

Special thanks to Dave (as always), for taking time out of his busy schedule to help us, and to “She who shall NOT be named” for calling and waking me up to take care of things when Dave finally became available.

Oh, and while I’m at it, thanks to Bloodknight2000 for making the only donations to our server fund in the last couple of years! If you like the server, maybe you could find it in your heart to make one too!

Now that the emergency is over, I might consider going back to bed…. my brain is so very hurty…


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