Welcome to Citizen+ Learning Centre!

Come here for information about jobs, kits, commands, applications for Inspector, rules and protocol.

Welcome to Citizen+ Learning Centre!

Postby HesteVader » June 10th, 2014, 1:08 pm

Welcome Citizens and Job Holders!
As a member of SofteggLand, there are a few things you need to know and remember. Please refer to them here on forums if you ever need to remember the rules or other information. Check back often, as there may be changes and additions to the items you find here. If you ever have a question about playing on SEL, or are having difficulties and don’t find the answers here, please ask staff members in-game for help. If no staff member is online, make a post in "Troubleshooting and Requests" on Forums, or as a last resort, send a private message to any Inspector, Police, Mod or Admin.

Basic Citizen Description:
Now that you’ve landed in SofteggLand, built your home, been inspected, played two days on SEL, registered on Forums and become Citizen, you have options! You may wander around the servers (SEL and Eros survival, Sandbox and Creative) and find a place to start your real home. If you like, you can take apart your Default home in Eros and use all the materials to make a new home, or just store them for later. If you don’t do this, just understand that eventually, your Default home will be gone at the next reset.

You will have basic server commands:
/kit citizen – Gives you a kit of leather helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots; stone sword, shovel, pickaxe and axe; 20 arrows; 5 each of spruce, birch, oak and jungle tree saplings. Kit “cooldown” is 1 day; you will have to wait 24 hours before you can get another kit.
/help – Brings up a menu of helpful information in-game, such as your commands.
/rules – Brings up a menu of the game rules, of which there are several pages.
/sethome [name] – Allows you to set homes in more than one place, with unique names.
/warp [world name] – Takes you to specific warps. Get a list of the warps by typing /warps (plural.)
/tph [name] – Sends a request for another player to teleport to you.
/tpa [name] – Sends a request for yourself to teleport to another player.

You may build on your own, help others build (excluding Default players), or recruit others to help you build. Don’t forget to ask a staff member to protect the things you build, so they can’t be griefed. If you do have grief to any of your builds, please contact a staff member to sort it out for you. They have the ability to take care of the situation, and this also cuts down on chat drama.

Make yourself very familiar with the rules, and do your best to abide by them. (Rules are here: viewtopic.php?f=77&t=6253#p46851 )

The SofteggLand Forum is the best place to learn about all sorts of things you are able to use to become the best sort of player. Here you will find instructions, rules, information, announcements, reporting functions, games and general chat. You will also know about building contests: when they will occur, where, details on building and when they will be judged. You will find information about Rep points, how to buy a job with the points, and the commands and contents of the jobs.

Just so you know that we take rule-breaking seriously, this is the way we deal with it:
Guidelines for Punishment
Defaults: Any rules broken, 3 warns = ban without Admin review
Spam: /warn
Minor Theft: /warn + rollback
Major Theft: /warn + rollback
Minor Grief /warn + rollback
Major Grief: /warn + rollback
Advertising /warn (+ mute)
Swearing: /warn (+ mute)
Drama in chat: /mute (/warn + mute if extreme)
Inappropriate builds: /warn + tear down building
Any other rule breaking: /warn

Player Courtesy:
1. Running through/in front of players - This really just has to do with general situations, but we see it a lot. Unless you're already playing around and have the other player's consent, it's not a good idea to run around them and through them. It's especially a problem when someone's either building, or trying to give instructions or answering players' questions. (Remember, just because you don't see it in public chat, doesn't mean they're not trying to help someone in private chat.) Save it for a time when you're just playing and having fun, but when you know the other player is ready for it too.

2. Requesting teleport without reason - You may be bored or you may be excited and you send a request for someone to tp to you, or you to tp to someone else. It just makes good sense and is more polite to tell them why you want to tp, or ask first. When you don’t give a reason, it puts the other player at a disadvantage. One example happened recently: player 1 requested player 2 to tp. When player 2 arrived, he fell to his death off the top of an enderman farm. Player 2 lost everything – all of his inventory and his xp. Another example would be if you are just bored and you request to tp to another player who is actually very busy. It can be very annoying to be in the middle of something and have to stop what you’re doing, in order to address the arrival of another player.

3. When a player addresses a staff member by name to ask questions, even if that staff member doesn't respond immediately, don't assume the staff member hasn't seen the question. (If they appear not to have noticed, you would do better to send them a /msg [name] asking if they saw the player's question.) There may be a reason why the answer doesn't appear on the screen immediately. They may be verifying something, or they may be in a private chat with another player. When we're on SEL, we watch the chat pretty much constantly. But if other players start answering questions that were directed to a specific player, first of all it can be confusing because of different answers. Secondly, it fills up the chat stream, making the person with the question have to sift through chat to find the answer he's looking for. As an Inspector, you are eager to show you know the answers and what to do, and to prove yourself, but please try to put this aside so that the Default and the staff member can quickly and efficiently solve the question or problem.

4. If someone calls for help and you’re not really doing anything, maybe you can be the one to help them. You might know something about the game that they haven’t learned yet, or have ideas that could be helpful. Maybe you know a technique or a block combination, or some redstone trick. Being helpful on SEL is a good way to make friendships and discover new things.

5. Never set a home at someone else's region or building without asking first. Always ask. This should help prevent misunderstandings, hard feelings and drama later on.

6. Potions are great for all sorts of things. Throwing them as splash potions on other players is not always a welcome thing. Don't assume it's OK to throw a splash potion of any kind at anyone. Make sure they're going to be ok with it first.

7. Respect the chain of command on this server. You are a Citizen, with or without a job title. You should be well aware that Inspector is a staff member, Police is the next level up and above Police are the Mods, with the Admins being above Mods. At all times you should respect the players who occupy the levels of staff. If a staff member makes a request of you, you should accept the request as soon as possible and do your best to comply. If you don't understand the request, or if you have a problem with it, ask via private chat (/msg [player]) to have it explained, or to make your problem known. Never challenge a staff member in public chat. To challenge or embarrass a staff member (especially an Admin) in public chat is just asking for being muted, kicked, warned and/or banned. Staff members try to only make requests in the interest of you as a player, or for the sake of the server and its other players.
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Re: Welcome to Citizen+ Learning Centre!

Postby HesteVader » June 23rd, 2014, 1:57 pm

We need to make another very important point for all players, from Defaults, to Citizens, to job holders, to staff members.

If you have asked an Admin to do something, or if something is ok to do and that Admin tells you "No", do not go to another Admin and try to get a different answer. We all live by the same rules on SEL. If an Admin says "No", there is a reason for it. If you don't understand the reason, check the rules or ask the Admin for some help understanding. Don't be rude - just say you don't understand, or you'd like to learn more about it. Also, check forums for the rules or type /rules in the game.

This goes as well for if you ask any other staff member - Inspector, Police or Mod. If they answer your question, don't go to another staff member and try to get another answer. This is not in the spirit of fair play.
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Lock/Unlock - Add/Remove

Postby HesteVader » February 8th, 2015, 3:38 pm

Players can lock or unlock their own doors, chests and furnaces by doing the following:

/lock (then left-click the item to be locked.)
/unlock (then left-click the item to be unlocked.)

You can add or remove another player to the locked item, if you wish to share or un-share, by typing:

/cmodify [player name] (then left-click the item the player is to be added to.)
/cremove [player name] (then left-click the item the player is to be removed from.)

NOTE: You must be the owner of the door, chest or furnace to unlock or add/remove another player. If you are having difficulty with this, you can get a Mod or Admin to help.
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