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Postby Bloodknight2000 » April 21st, 2016, 8:46 pm

In a distant land, beside a busting city, the stands a peculiar sight. A mountain reaches for the stars. Only to be catch another toppling over, supporting it. or perhaps its best to describe as being a mountain with its heart shot out of it, similar to how a body looks after it has been pierced by a bullet. the locals have stories about this place, ones of gods in human form hurling each other through it, ones of a demon being born there and in its rage ripped the spires heart out, some say that its a burial ground for some past king, there is even a tale of the gods modeling the mountain to resemble two friends relying on one another to accomplish a goal. But none of these are true... Few remember its purpose, fewer still remember what it holds.

deep inside the mountain core lies a cave untouched by intruders, in fact they are just turned away at the mere sight of it.
deep inside the cave past the stalagmites and stalactites lies a room. a room filled with contraptions of many sorts, but one thing in the center stands out.
at first it seems like just a large machine, human shaped, sculpted from some obscure black material. standing there frozen in time, uncaring of the world around it.
Today something is different in that lost cave. Today something is wrong. a faint whirring emits from its chest, for nothing to hear, but it signals something vile. Giving life to the lifeless, action to the frozen, sparks to the driving flame.

know that nothing could be done to prevent this, nothing could be done to stall this. The wheel has finally turned and its end is near. as too is yours.

I Begin!

jaggo's cookie for now
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