Fixing NPC villages - please stay out of them at night!

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Fixing NPC villages - please stay out of them at night!

Postby Tinabel » April 20th, 2017, 8:48 am

Hi Hi!

I've been on a lot because I've been sick, and have been very bored. In my boredom, I've been hunting for NPC villages and fixing them up. Many of them were dead from zombie attacks, some had been mined out for materials. Some were just spawned very poorly.
If you stay near a village after dark, they will be attacked by zombies. If the zombies break too many doors, the village dies.
So please leave NPC villages when it is dark, or go sleep in a bed if you are the only player online. This way we can preserve our NPC villages!

Trading with NPC villagers is a great way to get special items like diamond picks and armor without having to dig for diamonds. You just have to trade with the right villagers enough times to so that they like you! Be nice to villagers and you will be rewarded!

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