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Postby HesteVader » March 23rd, 2017, 3:49 pm

Two things right now:

1. ChaosEsteh world is disabled. It is saved and if enough players are interested in reviving it, we can do so. I would think no less than 5 players would merit it being reactivated.

2. We previously announced that Sandbox is going away, but that we would give players enough time to request copies of their Sandbox builds to be pasted into their own Sandplot locations. Time has passed and a lot of grief has occurred in Sandbox. We feel that it's time to deactivate it, as well. I have just copied 007jacky's items to Sandplot. This weekend is the deadline for any other moves. Please respond to this post with Sandbox coordinates and Sandplot coordinates, if you really want to have something relocated.
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