SoftEggLand is an experimental Minecraft server set up by SoftEgg Enterprises, creators of Rhythm Core Alpha, a music creation system for the Nintendo DSi & 3DS!


  • 24/7 Full time staff keep the server up and running.
  • Multiverse! With Creative, Survival (with The Nether and The End) and Skylands.
  • WorldGuard Staff can protect anything you build just ask.
  • CraftBook Full set of CraftBook features and more for some jobs.
  • LWC Don’t forget to lock up your stuff with LWC. Unlimited locks for Citizens.
  • Player Jobs A Citizen may be hired for a Job, giving you extra kits and powers.
  • Building Contests You can’t buy extra kits and powers but you can win them. Building contests will  be announced on the forum.
  • Anti-cheat We have a full set of updated plugins to stop cheating. As well as a full staff of player Moderators and Policemen.
  • Experience SoftEggLand has been around a very long time. Map resets are very limited you can expect your creations to be around even if you can’t.
All SoftEgg Minecraft servers run on dedicated hardware located in Washington D.C.

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